Here at ctnpolitics, my site is designed to deliver condensed premium content on all things politics. With the 2016 Presidential election coming up in November- it’s imperative we provide an informative service and platform that educates and enlightens visitors on the upcoming ¬†election cycle. We want to Change The Narrative in regards to all things politics by blurring out political misinformation and spreading political truth. We also think it’s important to Change The Narrative about Donald Trump and his Supporters (we want to change the perception about what he stands for and what his Supporters really believe in).


*I will be providing high quality articles on all political topics relevant to the upcoming presidential election.

*I will also be posting informative tweets, memes, photos and videos that can provide value and help my visitors make an informative decision on the upcoming election.

*I will also be posting 40-60 minute long podcasts featuring various guests to provide fresh perspectives and enhance our visitors experience

*I will be posting current news regarding the upcoming election