This past Thursday Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference in the most unorthodox of fashion.

President Trump fielding questions from reporters after scheduling an Impromptu Press Conference on Thursday

Trump commenced the press conference by publicizing his nomination for the Secretary of Department of Labor, Mr. Alex Acosta.

The next hour was reminiscent of when my fraternity brothers and I would round up our pledge class to the second floor of the house only to then scold them. If a pledge brother forgot to pick up one of our fraternity brothers on a Thursday or Friday night or was displaying an obnoxious demeanor throughout the week, they earned additional wall time. Except these weren’t wide eyed 19 year olds, these were developed professionals employed by some of the most established of news publications in the nation seeking that same acceptance.

An hour of putting those who’ve slandered and impulsively mislead the American people about Trump’s campaign and his character back into place.

Who us? Yes you.

The term “Fake News” was a piece of propaganda put into place to enable partisan “fact checkers” such as Snopes and PolitiFact to discern the fake news from the real news for the American public.

The term “Fake News” was put into place to discredit Trump, whenever he’d justifiably denounce a network or publishing company for a dishonest malicious story, habitually accrediting his assessment to Trump’s inability to affirm “real news” and his infatuation with designating anything he disagreed with personally as “fake news”.

Fake news is a label which empowers a political ideology to obscure behind the Democratic party platform to push a globalist agenda, integrity and authenticity notwithstanding. To shift blame from personal deception and underhanded rhetoric and print to Trump’s ego.

The mainstream media routinely discloses erroneous claims proclaimed by Trump, that are wholly trivial, as a way of masquerading their own boundless levels of deception.

“You said today that you had the biggest electoral margin of victory since Ronald Reagan with 306 electoral votes, when in fact President Obama got 365, George H. W. Bush got 426 when he won as President, so why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive as being fake when you’re providing information that is fake.”

A counter of an utterly inconsequential claim asserted by Trump, a formula contrived to obscure the continual offering of disingenuous stories dispatched from within. A futile practice when engaging Trump, unbeknownst to his imperious critics.

The mainstream media routinely suppressed vital information during Obama’s presidency, as a way of masking his shortcomings and shielding his legacy. If real news only pertained to the assemblage of reporters protesting Trump, the American people would be oblivious to the 563 drone strikes hurled in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen under Obama’s watch, a figure ten times higher than the amount George W. Bush oversaw. They would be astonished in discovering there are a higher percentage of African Americans in poverty today than there were eight years ago, or that there are currently Somalian refugees residing in Minnesota being recruited by ISIS due to Obama’s insistence on accepting refugees from nations strongly tied to Sharia law. 

Are we to entrust ourselves to those who willingly censored essential information, all to protect Obama’s reputation at the expense of the American peoples best interest, who fostered an environment which purged the flaws of an open border philosophy and blinded the American people from absorbing Obama’s hypocritical actions? Do Trump’s negligible false accounts supersede these flagrant acts of betrayal?

Query brimming with bitterness and resentment towards Trump, antithetical of the conciliatory address President Obama encountered regularly.

Trump deemed the Russian influence on the American election as “fake news”, a piece of propaganda instilled on the American people to delegitimize Trump’s victory, a sentiment carried by half of the nation as the evidence for such influence is tenuous at best. The declaration enraged the pretentious group in attendance and escalated the dissension felt throughout the room.

Snopes predictably refuted the claim, as the official “real news” fact checkers of the United States, declaring Russia interfered with the U.S. election specifically to assist Donald Trump’s victory, not to instill doubt about the legitimacy of the victory as Trump had pronounced.

To verify said verdict, Snopes provided the original CIA report as proof, a report which already offered no conclusive evidence Russia had even interfered with the election to begin with, the same statement from which the skepticism of Trump originated. To collaborate the assertion the hacking was done solely to assist Trump in getting to the White House, Snopes emphasized that the e-mails released by Wikileaks only pertained to the Democratic Party, a matter already established.

Snopes is run by a liberal couple who refer to Republicans as “regressive.” The main fact checker, Kim Lacapria, wrote for Inquistir, a blog which already had a well known reputation for publishing fake quotes and hoaxes. This is who we are to entrust to distinguish what is the “real” news from the “fake” news for the general public, a paid for partisan group fronting as “fact checkers” to push the globalist ideology and shield the left from warranted criticism.

“Unfortunately much of the media in Washington D.C. along with New York, Los Angeles, in particular speaks not for the people, but for the special interests, and for those profiting off of a very very, obviously broken system”. Trump continued, “The press has become so dishonest, that if we don’t talk about it, we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people.”

The loudest detractors are the ones most culpable in smearing Trump and misrepresenting his character and rhetoric. A palpable act of projection, attempting to lessen the calumny of accusations that they themselves are guilty of.

Jim Acosta of CNN asked Trump, “Just because of the attack of fake news and attacking our network, I just want to ask you sir, aren’t you undermining the peoples faith in the first Amendment, freedom of the press, the press in this country, when you call stories you don’t like fake news, why not just say it’s a story I don’t like. When you call it fake news you’re undermining confidence in our News Media.”

The shifting of blame from the perpetrators themselves, to the ones rightfully accusing the guilty party.

CNN willingly collaborating with BuzzFeed on the Trump Russian Dossier story, which contained unverified allegations of misconduct and ties between the President Elect Donald Trump and the Russian government, or more specifically, damaging and embarrassing explicit material including Trump’s sexual and financial activities in Russia, information no one would have concluded true if analyzed thoroughly, undermines the peoples faith in the media. CNN’s Van Jones defining Trump’s victory as a “white-lash” on live air, an irresponsible and racist comment seething with detest for Trump and all his supporters, undermines the American peoples faith in the media. CNN interviewing supposed sexual assault victims of Trump’s on a nightly basis, with no desire to collaborate the information they were recounting, undermines the peoples faith in the media.

The New York Times coming out with, “Crossing the line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private”, a hit piece on Trump which included unethical practices by writer, Michael Barbro, who lied about the entire interviewing process and twisted the words of the women he interviewed to fit his, “Trump’s a sexist” narrative, undermines the American peoples faith in the media.

Mischaracterizing Trump’s decision to send ICE officials in to arrest nearly 700 illegal immigrants as “mean spirited” and “dictator like,” an order the Department of Homeland Security defined as “routine, targeted arrests,” while omitting the fact that the Obama administration arrested over 2,000 criminal aliens in a similar procedure in March of 2015 (a figure three times higher than Trump’s) is what undermines the American people’s faith in the media.

These actions independent of any doing on Donald Trump’s part are what sabotages the peoples trust in the media. Asserting Trump’s justified scolding of the guilty party is somehow responsible for the corrupt actions of the guilty party is nonsensical, and expels any obligation of honorable nonpartisan reporting moving forward.

Instrumental mouthpieces dissembling behind the first amendment, disparaging those who question while contorting reality.

Acosta fumbling his words as he went back to his seat, red-faced and flustered, was reminiscent of the 19 year old wide eyed pledge, who had just been reprimanded at the wall for being knowingly deceitful to his pledge master.

If the act recommences, so will the hour long press conferences putting the mainstream media back in their place.

Stephen M. Scott
Creator of and writer/editor for CTN Politics. Political Writer with a focus on foreign policy, media bias, Hillary Clinton and the Donald Trump phenomenon. Follow on Twitter at @Trump_Row