Explaining Trump’s Rise to the White House

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives to speak to a campaign rally, Monday, Oct. 24, 2016, in St. Augustine, Fla. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

On Tuesday November 8, Republican Donald J. Trump officially pulled off the impossible and became the President-elect of the United States of America. He will become the 45th President in American history, succeeding current President Barack Obama.

Mr. Trump officially surpassed the nessecary 270 delegates after winning Pennsylvania, a traditionally Democratic state.

Trump giving his victory speech after pulling off what most political pundits and Americans thought was impossible. Trump was able to connect with millions of Americans and beat heavily favored career politician Hillary Clinton soundly.
Trump giving his victory speech after pulling off what most political pundits and Americans thought was impossible. Trump was able to connect with millions of Americans and beat the heavily favored career politician Hillary Clinton.


The question now becomes, how did Donald Trump pull off what most are considering to be one of the most monumental upsets in political history?

This nation is divided, but it became divided under Barack Obama’s leadership, not as a result of Trump’s impolitic rhetoric throughout his Presidential campaign. His leniency on illegal immigration, his allowance of Muslim refugees from countries that practiced Sharia Law, the mixed messages he sent after African Americans were tragically killed by police officers, enabling Black Lives Matter riots to occur regardless of whether a shooting was justified or not. Obama may have meant well in the beginning, but his inclusive policies teetered on a lawless America towards the end. Blurred lines, blurred borders, blurred messages.

This equated to racial tensions being at an all time high, police officers becoming far more hesitant to open fire on someone of color due to fear of retribution, and an illegal immigration epidemic taking over the state of California. Trump’s words regarding the border situation may have been offensive, but he was simply telling the truth. As of 2014, three out of every four federal drug crimes were committed by illegal immigrants. Not only that, several Americans were killed by illegal immigrants who had previously been deported on multiple occasions, suggesting our border was anything but secure under Obama’s leadership. Kate Steinle for example, was an innocent, happy 32 year old before she was senselessly murdered on the San Fransisco pier last summer by Juan Fransisco Sanchez-an illegal immigrant who had been deported and came back across the border five different times.

Barack Obama also failed the American people regarding his stance on Radical Islamic Terrorism. Earlier in the year, Obama suggested 99.9 pct of Muslims rejected radical terrorism, an obvious lie. He then blinded the American people from the reality of Sharia Law-a branch of religion many Muslims who come to America as refugees follow. In Sharia Law, homosexuality is considered a sin and immoral, and women are treated like second rate citizens. Given their deep rooted beliefs, it would have been incredibly difficult for them to assimilate into our American culture as refugees. Many Americans took note of what was taking place in Germany, Turkey, and England, and were eager to prevent a similar situation from taking place in their own country. Clinton would have been the American Angela Merkel, proposing a 500 pct increase in refugees from countries where the vast majority of Muslims practiced Sharia Law. A vote for Trump, was a vote to end the increase of mass Muslim immigration with no new vetting process. The American people saw past Obama’s misleading words and deception of reality regarding the situation. The more Obama was deceitful towards the American people, the more the distrust and yearning for new leadership grew.

Donald Trump supporters simply wanted a law abiding America. Not one that’s hateful towards immigrants, but one that applies the law to immigrants who come here illegally. It may not be what the liberal elite masses want to hear, but illegal immigrants do bring over drugs, and are a burden on the law abiding American taxpayer.

What’s wrong with wanting to secure our border? Why don’t you tell Kate Steinle’s parents Donald Trump has the wrong view on illegal immigration? Our border security does need a massive facelift, and the American people recognized it. Many Americans also recognized the trend developing in Europe with mass Muslim immigration, and the effects it was having on Germany and Turkey. It was the reason Brexit occurred when the U.K broke from the European Union, and it should have foreshadowed what was about to take place in the United States of America- but the liberal elites refused to uncover their eyes.

The economy has become stagnant for millions of Americans as well. Hillary Clinton’s campaign wasn’t an exact reflection of Barack Obama’s, but it was considered by most pundits and political minds to be largely similar. This meant an economy that was reflective of Obama’s which saw the lowest labor rate since the 1970’s, the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years, the slowest GDP growth since the 1940’s, the percentage of African Americans in poverty way up and 13 million more Americans on food stamps.

Hillary Clinton’s economy would have been four more years of stagnant growth, inefficient government spending and increased regulations. It would have meant more government job creation at the expense of jobs in the private sector. Clinton was expected to create 49,000 new government jobs during her first year, while losing 207,000 jobs in the private sector. The working class America that is currently struggling would have continued to struggle, the coal industry would have officially faded into oblivion and African Americans living in the inner cities of America would have continued to be ignored-kept in the same place with no end in sight.

A vote for Trump was a vote for small businesses, a chance for business prosperity with a 20 pct tax decrease, a chance to re-build the inner city infrastructure throughout the country, a vote for job creation, less inefficient government spending and fewer regulations.

Obamacare also caused frustration and anger amongst millions of Americans. Obamacare was flawed from the start, because it made the false assumption that young healthy Americans would voluntarily pay the same premiums as those Americans who were in actual need of health insurance. It didn’t work out that way and the rest is history. Obamacare premiums are expected to increase by 27 pct nationally, with many states only offering one insurer. States like Arizona will see a 116 pct increase, PA will see a 53 pct increase, Oklahoma will see a 69 pct increase among many steep increases throughout the country.

For a healthcare system where premiums and deductibles have already risen in unprecedented fashion, the substantial increase in premiums nationwide makes an already flawed healthcare system downright untenable. A vote for Trump was a vote to end Obamacare and a vote for interstate competition, forcing insurance companies to lower their prices or lose their customers. Trump saw the flawed Obamacare system as an opportunity to distance himself from a flawed candidate in Hillary Clinton, and offer a solution to a healthcare system that was becoming unaffordable to millions of Americans.

While Obama’s divisive rhetoric, failed policies, stagnant economy, and disastrous Obamacare angered many Americans, they weren’t what truly caused the Trump movement. Policies are vital to creating solutions to a perceived problem, something that Trump offered, but massive amounts of corruption and a dishonest mainstream media were much of the oxygen behind Trump’s victory.

The main reason millions of Americans currently have such a warped view of Donald Trump and what he represents is because of the mainstream media. The media attempted to control the narrative and by extension the American people and their thoughts. It was never about fairness or nonpartisan coverage, but rather manipulating the people about what the two candidates and the Democratic party represented. It was about demonizing one candidate and dismissing his supporters, while protecting a deeply flawed candidate. As disturbing and disheartening and even infuriating as this was much of the time to Trump surrogates and his loyal supporters, it ironically played a major role in the rise of Donald J. Trump.

After initially giving Trump millions of dollars of free air time, something that helped his campaign throughout the Republican primaries tremendously, the media formed an all out assault once it became evident Trump could seriously contend for the Presidency.

For starters, the media intentionally misled the American audience regarding Trump’s policies. Instead of properly stating that Trump’s immigration policy would only be effecting illegal immigrants, they used the term “immigrants”, to give off the false perception Trump’s policy would be effecting all immigrants. They also constantly lied about Trumps temporary Muslim ban, irresponsibly stating Trump would be banning all Muslims, and not expanding on the specifics. This was done to play to the “Donald Trump is a racist” narrative. The media misled the American people to purposefully strengthen the racial divide of the country and turn Trump into something he never was. Of course Muslims aren’t a race but rather a religion, and illegal immigrants aren’t a race, only American law breakers. The American people were smart enough to catch onto this attempt by the media to manipulate the American people and saw right through the act.

In addition to twisting Trump’s words regarding his own policies, the media blinded the American people from his actual policies. Media pundit after media pundit would appear on national television suggesting Trump has offered no real solutions to the problems that millions of Americans are currently facing. Instead of focusing on the substance Trump brought to his speeches across the country, they focused solely on thirty second sound bites without offering any context. They obsessed over any critique he made of the media (rightfully so), or harsh words he had for Mrs. Clinton, but refused to acknowledge his policies.

When Trump recently delivered a powerful speech on how to fix our current healthcare system, both CNN and MSNBC cut off the speech just before the substance came. No one would ever mention Trump’s New Deal, a plan that would redistribute $1 trillion to inner city infrastructure over eight years. It’s the most progressive proposal to help out the African American community a Republican candidate has ever provided, yet the media was silent in an effort to continue the divide. Clinton needed the black vote, and commentary on the New Deal could have hurt her already dwindling chances, something they simply could not have.

The daily race baiting only made the Trump support stronger. Early on in the election cycle, former KKK leader David Duke endorsed Trump on twitter. The mainstream media exploded, as half of the country came to the conclusion Trump was now a supporter of the KKK. Of course there are over 300 million Americans, and only two real Presidential candidates. You can’t control who endorses you, yet the mainstream media fueled the false “Trump’s a racist” narrative, and liberals throughout the country ate it up. Hillary Clinton was endorsed by the father of the Orlando killer Omar Mateen, yet the media never came to the conclusion Clinton was a supporter of mass shootings, or that her rhetoric encouraged acts of violence. The American people noticed the ill conceived logic, and the blatantly hypocritical thought process.

Then there was the Chicago protest, where thousands of Anti-Trump protestors stormed the streets of Chicago, preventing Trump from holding his scheduled rally. The media scorned Trump for cancelling his rally (the responsible decision), suggesting if he couldn’t even hold a peaceful rally, how could he run the country? We have of course since found out the “protest” was coordinated by the DNC to give off the perception of chaos and racial divide. The DNC paid protestors to incite violence to give off the perception Trump supporters were a rowdy, hateful bunch. These paid for protesters were at Trump rallies throughout the country, solely for the purpose of inciting violence from Trump supporters. None of it was authentic. None. The American people caught on, and Trump supporters throughout the country called their bluff. It just added more fuel to the Trump base.

Then there was the New York Time’s article “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private”. This was of course to fit the Trump is a “sexist” narrative the mainstream media had been pushing down everyones throat. Less then 72 hours after the article came out, several of the women mentioned in the piece denied having negative experiences with Mr. Trump, claiming he treated them with nothing but respect, and went as far as to say the New York Times twisted their words and lied about the entire process. Michael Barbaro of the NYT had no interest in getting his facts straight with his hit piece, mocking the idea of ethics and real journalism in the process. The American people noticed the hit job, and it only added fuel to an already angry support base.

It wasn’t just the double standards, the slandering, the corruption, the refusal to cover Trump’s policies, the attempt to divide the American people and the constant attacks against Trump that drove the Trump train. It was also the dismissive nature with which the media treated both Trump as a candidate, and the real reasons he had his supporters to begin with. We were dismissed by the liberal elites and half of the country for over a year.

It was almost as if it was preposterous to suggest Trump was offering real tangible solutions for the American people. We were laughed at, called deplorables, labeled racists and bigots without any knowledge of our true character. We we’re told we were xenophobes, and that we hated immigrants. We we’re called uneducated, only white, and that our candidate resembled Hitler. The more dismissive the media elites became, and the more false accusations and insults were thrown our way, the more determined millions of Americans became to get Trump into the oval office.

The massive corruption that took place behind the scenes didn’t go unnoticed either. Trump supporters were aware of what was going on behind closed doors. They knew the reasoning behind the double standard of treatment towards the two Presidential candidates.

It wasn’t because Clinton was the superior candidate, not at all. Clinton was arguably one of the most flawed candidates to ever run for President. It was the collusion between Clinton and the media that created such a toxic and unbalanced political environment, that made nonpartisanship and objectivity impossible. Pro Trump rhetoric was simply silenced, and negative Hillary takes were suppressed.

This is the reason millions of Americans still believe Trump has close ties to Russia and Putin despite no proof of such a claim, while the Candidate that was falsely hurling these accusations was guilty of such ties herself. Clinton granted Putin and Russia 20 percent of our American Uranium as Secretary of State to appease Clinton donors. Her campaign manager John Podesta had 75,000 shares in a Putin connected company. The media didn’t want the American people to be aware of this, because it would have illustrated the never-ending hypocrisy of the Clintons.

Even social media took part in the corruption. Trending topics on Twitter that exposed Hillary (like Wikileaks revelations) were often censored, while trending topics such as #GoHillary were unauthentically forced into trending topics to change the perception of Hillary amongst the Twitter audience. Google changed their algorithms to hide certain articles that showed Trump in a positive light, while stacking negative Trump articles throughout the first few pages of search results, even if it didn’t fit chronologically. Perhaps the most egregious corruption took place on Facebook, where Trump supporters were regularly silenced for posting pro Trump statuses that were rational, and backed up with facts. Many Trump supporters sent me examples of them being banned from Facebook for simply voicing their support for Trump-it was both astonishing and disturbing.

This all occurred because the Clintons own the media, and the media attempted to control the narrative. NBC Universal, Carlos Slim (biggest investor for the New York Times), Huffington Post, Politico, CBS, Time Warner (who owns CNN), Facebook, Google, Twitter, George Stephanopolous, New York Daily News, Hollywood, the Washington Post, among many others, made large donations to the Clinton Foundation. The people took notice of the blatant censoring and biased coverage, and those who were maybe apathetic about both candidates were now more inclined to slide Mr. Trump’s way. The corruption just added weight to Trump’s theory, that politics is all a rigged game, and that it was time to finally “drain the swamp”. The people listened to Trump’s words, and the corruption resonated with millions of Americans. The collusion between the Clinton’s and the media was just more ammunition for an already growing base of support.

Bernie Sander’s voice also resonated with millions of Americans, but the Democratic party refused to listen. They instead betrayed half of their base, opting to carry (literally) their establishment candidate across the finish line. Similar to how the media was taking orders from the Clintons, the Democrats bowed down to Hillary at every opportunity. They ignored the voices that truly mattered, squandering their best chance at a real movement. The Democratic party had became tone deaf to their own kind, or what their own kind believed the Democratic party was supposed to stand for.

The left propped up a deeply flawed candidate to the top of their ticket, a woman many Sanders supporters already resented-and expected to be applauded. Clinton stood for everything Sanders rhetoric was against. She made millions of dollars giving Wall Street Speeches, referred to Sanders supporters as “basement dwellers”, singed off on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and was now expecting the progressive left to fall in line. It didn’t work out that way.

Clinton wasn’t progressive, she was the status quo. She wasn’t against the establishment, she was the establishment. She didn’t openly support gay marriage until 2013, She voted for the Iraq war. She was largely responsible for the rise of ISIS after deciding to overtake Libya and kill their leader Mohmar Gaddafi. She received large donations from Qatar and Saudi Arabia-the two countries that funded ISIS. Clinton claimed to be for women’s rights, yet happily accepted large donations from countries in which beating your female spouse was openly encouraged and socially accepted, and where females were not allowed to be out in public without a male chaperone. Clinton took millions of dollars from countries where homosexuality was banned, and in some instances even punishable by death.

Her actions not only contradicted many liberal principles, but they undermined her own policies as well. The thing is-Hillary and the Democratic party didn’t care. They refused to listen to the heartbeat of their base, because they were all too busy listening to themselves. Hillary was the least progressive Democrat to ever run for President. Yet in spite of this, the Democratic elites expected the progressives to shrug their shoulders and back the woman they were once against.

It didn’t work out that way, and it shouldn’t have worked out that way. The Democrats got in their own way by dismissing their passionate supporters, similar to the way Trump supporters had been dismissed by those same liberal elites. Clinton came off as smug and unrelatable. Nothing about her felt authentic.

She rarely made tv appearances, and when she did, she was often given the questions beforehand. She went 277 days without holding a press conference, before finally giving one in early September. She was anything but transparent, she was rehearsed and scripted to her core.

Many Sanders supporters saw right through her act to fight for progressive values. Many went to Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, Libertarian Gary Johnson, and many went to Donald Trump to join in on the fight against the establishment. The Democratic party’s tone deaf campaign was costly., as only 84 percent of white Democrats ended up voting for Hillary Clinton, with only 81 pct of white male Democrats voting for her. Almost 10 percent of registered Democrats voted for Donald Trump, suggesting many Sanders supporters came Trump’s way.

Donald Trump may have been guilty of many things, but being scripted and rehearsed was not one of them. Trump was perhaps the most unique man to ever run for President. He wasn’t the typical religious conservative like Ted Cruz, he didn’t come from a political family dynasty like Jeb Bush, he wasn’t the son of a beloved libertarian like Rand Paul, he wasn’t the well polished mainstream establishment candidate like Marco Rubio, he wasn’t funded by billionaires like Scott Walker, he didn’t have years of governing experience like Chris Christie. No, Donald Trump didn’t posses any of those things, and it frightened the establishment and half of the country.

Donald Trump wasn’t a typical conservative. He may have had an (R) next to his name, but both his policies and personality weren’t always consistent with traditional conservative values, and this didn’t sit well with the establishment Republicans.

Trump was ultra conservative on immigration. He promised the American people a wall, and that Mexico was going to pay for it. Trump saw a clear problem within the Obama administration, and decided to address it far more aggressively then his fellow Republican counterparts. According to the United Nations, 97 pct of illegal immigrants who enter the United States secretly, do so across the nearly 2,000 mile Mexican border, but only 20 pct of those who cross illegally are caught. Trump recognized this glaring problem, but the media protected Obama and Clinton by blinding the American people from this problem. It’s also costly, illegal immigration costs the American tax payer over $84 billion annually, and it cost $21.8 billion in California alone.

This proposed policy resonated with millions of Americans including legal cuban immigrants and legal hispanic immigrants. While the media was fixated on Trump’s “politically incorrect” comments regarding who it was Mexico was sending over, millions of Latinos recognized Trump was just an unpolished politician addressing the truth about a real problem no other politician would address. The idea of a wall fired up much of the base, but whether or not the wall is built isn’t imperative, it’s the confidence Trump gave us that he will take illegal immigration far more seriously then President Obama did.

Valerie Haro is an avid Donald Trump supporter from Orange County, California. She also happens to be a Mexican American, whose grandparents immigrated to the United States during the 1950’s. Haro is just one of the millions of Latino Americans who understood Trump’s polarizing policy proposal. “My grandparents immigrated from Mexico in the 50’s and worked extremely hard to become citizens…I grew up listening to their stories” Haro stated. “Our current immigration mess is a slap in the face to people like them who went through so much to achieve the ‘American Dream’. The day Trump started talking about immigration I was sold. I voted for Trump because he stands up for the forgotten hard working, middle class Mexican immigrants who really do love this country and appreciate their greatness, and let me tell you-there are a lot of us out there” Haro stated in explaining Trumps appeal to working Mexican middle class immigrants. Legal immigrants, and those who had parents and grandparents come over legally, appreciated Trump’s no nonsense approach to ending illegal immigration. Trump did substantially better amongst the Hispanic population than most were expecting, receiving 29 of their vote, a percentage far higher then both John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Trump is also far more progressive than most conservatives on key issues, something that makes him appealing to the independent voter. He’s progressive on the issues where it makes sense to be progressive- issues many conservatives have warmed up to recently.

Trump stands with the LGBTQ community, contrary to popular belief. Trump supporters are the most pro LGBTQ support base a Republican has ever had, and it’s not close. The majority support gay marriage and those who don’t simply do not want to be forced into agreeing with it. Gay marriage will not be reversed under Donald Trump, regardless of VP Mike Pence’s personal beliefs. Mr. Trump walked out onto the stage during a rally recently holding up an LGBTQ flag. What Republican has ever done that? Peter Theil, the founder of PayPal, spoke on Mr. Trump’s behalf at the RNC convention and is now a member of his cabinet. He also happens to be a proud gay man.This is why Donald Trump received 14 pct of the vote from the LGBTQ community.


Donald Trump holding up a "LGBT's for Trump" sign at a rally weeks before the elections. Trump is the first Republican Presidential candidate to embrace the LGBTQ community, and many within the community recognized this. This was just one of the many reasons Trump was such a unique candidate.
Donald Trump holding up a “LGBT’s for Trump” sign at a rally weeks before the elections. Trump is the first Republican Presidential candidate to embrace the LGBTQ community, and many within the community recognized this. This was just one of the many reasons Trump was such a unique candidate.


Trump also reached out to the African American community, and spoke of his desire to rebuild the devastated inner cities throughout this country. Republicans before Trump were timid or indifferent about reaching out to black Americans, but Trump did something Republicans previously hadn’t had the courage to do. Trump’s New Deal is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed by a Republican to assist the African American community. The New Deal speaks of creating school choice in an effort to improve the disastrous inner city education system, equal justice under the law, where people of color are not unfairly persecuted due to the color of their skin, protection from illegal immigration and financial reform to expand credit and promote new job creation. Perhaps his most progressive proposal is his plan to redistribute $1 trillion to inner city infrastructure. This was never reported on by the mainstream media because it was a groundbreaking policy proposal that would have been all too appealing to the black community.

The content within the plan also made supporters feel as though Trump would be able to reach agreements and common ground with Democrats on certain issues. This gave us comfort.

Trump’s willingness to reach out to the black community didn’t go unnoticed by Dr. Jim Allen. Allen is an African American pastor from Chicago, who viewed Trump as the only candidate, regardless of party affiliation, to have the African American community’s best interest at heart. Allen also admired Trump’s strength and his commitment to his family. “Donald Trump appeared to me as a strong man, father, provider and nation protector” Allen said. Allen then brought up a common sentiment amongst Trump supporters, “He represents the America that gives the forgotten man a second chance-he’s the only President (Republican or Democrat) to actually create an agenda for Black America”. Allen wasn’t the only black American to feel this way, as Trump faired 7 points better amongst African Americans than Mitt Romney did back in 2012.

Trump truly represented the forgotten man/woman of America. He represented the African Americans stuck in a never ending systemic cycle (whether they knew it or not), he spoke to the millions of Americans who lost their jobs in the private sector and were beginning to lose hope. His words resonated with the coal workers in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania who were watching their industry disappear at the hands of the government. He spoke to the 41 million Americans currently out of work, struggling to get by every day. He vowed to fight for the Veterans, who had been deserted by the Obama administration, and promised they would be taken care of as they so deserve. Many were suffering at the hands of an Obama economy, a notion dismissed by the liberal elites. Trump understands the waste represented by inefficient government spending, the need for healthy businesses to grow and the importance of bringing jobs back to America. His business acumen and demeanor gave Trump supporters the utmost confidence he would be able to renegotiate trade deals for the benefit of all Americans.

Trump was polarizing as a Presidential candidate because he broke the political norms in so many ways. He was conservative on the issues most important to the conservative base- the economy, immigration, his Muslim refugee intake policy, and the second amendment, yet he was far more progressive on the issues Conservatives have traditionally been behind on- racial equality, gay marriage rights, rebuilding infrastructure, being anti war. Trump isn’t a Republican or a Democrat-he’s a common sense politician and it’s about time the U.S. got one.

Trump certainly wasn’t politically correct either, and that had liberals everywhere beside themselves.

The things was, Trump supporters didn’t care, because we came to the realization that political correctness was just a front to mask deception and lies. The common perception amongst the left in America is that political correctness equates to kindness and empathy. This couldn’t be farther from reality. Political correctness suppresses opposing ideologies, and truth telling about difficult realities no longer becomes socially acceptable.

Political correctness enabled false narratives to continue, and covered up the real problems in America. It hid the grim reality of Sharia law, and it allowed Black Lives Matter to turn into a hate/terrorist group. It prevented us from telling the truth about illegal immigration and the reality of our current lack of border control. It is why such a large majority of Americans still believe Trump is a racist and it’s one of the most dangerous and regressive aspects of our culture. Trump simply told the truth and spoke authentically, in a society where truth telling seldom happens- a component of Trumps persona many Americans found admirable.

Kathy Zhu is a millennial Trump supporter from Florida, who recognized political correctness was interfering with progress in our country. “Having a politician who isn’t afraid to speak his mind is what the silenced majority needed right now. It’s now or never to solve political incorrect issues” Zhu stated. This is a common sentiment among those who found Trump’s “truth serum” rhetoric appealing. Supporters recognized the media was blinding us from hard to talk about issues such as the illegal immigration drug epidemic, what Black Lives Matter really represented and how illegal immigrants in California really feel about America.

You can’t solve the illegal immigration problem if you refuse to talk about it. You can’t improve race relations if you can’t have an open and honest discussion about what really happened in Ferguson and Baltimore. You can’t label all Trump supporters as xenophobic without speaking about the reality of Sharia Law, and what the drastic cultural differences between the two religions and societies are. Trump may have been “impolitically correct” and sometimes even offensive, but he was willing to talk about the subjects the liberal media and politicians were protecting us from to the detriment of our own best interests. We appreciated this more than anything.

Trump also approached political campaigning differently from any other politician in American history.

The way in which he was able to instantaneously call out the mainstream media and his fellow Republicans and rival Democrats was both fascinating to watch and brilliant. After the Iowa Caucus took place during the Republican primary, Trump took to Twitter to scold Ted Cruz for falsely informing his followers that Ben Carson had officially dropped out hours before the polls closed. No one had ever seen a Republican candidate so boldly call out one of their own. Trump was able to illustrate the political corruption taking place right before our own eyes, and it was massively effective.

Trump also routinely used the social media platform to call out Hillary Clinton, and to expose the ugly corruption within the Democratic party. Trump brought up donations the Clinton Foundation received from countries that murder gays, he reminded us of Clinton’s comments about her desire for open borders when speaking to a Brazilian bank, the backdoor deals that took place between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the discovery that DNC Chair Donna Brazile had handed Clinton questions prior to one of the Presidential debates, the protestors that we learned were paid for by the DNC and billionaire George Soros to incite violence and create racial divide throughout the country. Trump painted the corruption and Clinton’s hypocritical rhetoric on a canvas for all of the American people to see.

He also often did the media’s job for them.

After the NBC tape came out just before the final Presidential debate-a tape in which Trump spoke of sexual advances with Billy Bush-the mainstream media, establishment Republicans and Hillary Clinton had a field day, and even went as far as to suggest the tape was the equivalent of sexual assault. The timing appeared all too convenient and the planned tweets from all of the “outraged” Republicans and Democrats left Trump supporters feeling skeptical. Trump refused to sit back. He immediately responded by bringng four woman scarred and vilified by Hillary Clinton to the forefront. Four women the media had silenced for decades. Four women who had all but been forgotten. Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Wiley, and Paula Jones. It was a brilliant counter strategy and it illustrated the walking contradiction that Hillary Clinton is as a person, and exposed the mainstream medias “selective” outrage. The counteraction tipped the scales Trump’s way, while the media remained tone deaf.

There were also the condescending interviews. Right after Mr. Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee, he was interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Instead of congratulating Mr. Trump on achieving something almost no one thought was possible, Cuomo immediately went after Trump for “attacking” Clinton. “We have a panel of independent voters, they’re smart as heck, and most of them don’t like it. They see it as a distraction, they see it as hypocritical coming from you, and mostly they see it as potential proof that you may have no real ideas to offer as president” Cuomo claimed after bringing up Trump’s attacks on Hillary. Trump fired back, “Well this is a nice way to start off the interview, first of all you should congratulate me for having won the race”. He went on to say “but I’m not surprised with CNN because that’s the way they treat Trump. It’s the- you know they call it the Clinton Network and I believe that”.

The way in which Trump was able to accurately call out Cuomo’s biased interview was something we hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

The American people began to see a fighter, someone who was willing to take on the establishment and a beyond corrupt media. It was resonating with millions of Americans because it started to feel as though he was fighting for us-and we began to fight with him.

We now knew who to tune out, and which platforms to reach into to get our information. Trump began to control the narrative, while the medias credibility and influence thinned.

Due to Trump’s perceptive fortitude and unique political ideology, what we knew about politics was evolving, yet only one side kept up. The media continued to overestimate their dwindling influence, while Trump and his audience adapted to the new age of politics. Trump was now the main messenger, and his audience was growing by the millions, and as the medias credibility lessened, their anti Trump angst strengthened, and the pushback from the silent majority only grew more.

We also knew the polls leading up to the election were inaccurate. They were a tool used to manipulate the American people into rethinking their vote. It was used to discourage us and make us fearful of what would take place. Contrary to popular opinion however, Trump supporters were high information voters, but because they did not oblige to the list of “Journalists” and networks connected to the Clinton’s, they were dismissed by many.

This theme of dismissive rhetoric from the left only made Trump more popular. It was the condescending statements President Obama would make while campaigning on Hillary’s behalf, informing the American people Mr. Trump had no chance of winning the Presidency. It was the dismissive nature in which media pundits would treat Trump surrogates, many times laughing at the truly valid points they were making. It was the everyday liberal who would belittle a Trump supporter and label him/her as a racist, while knowing nothing about him and what he/she stood for. It was the disturbing comfort so many had in labeling these real people as xenophobic, white nationalists, racist, and anti-semitic. It was the holier than thou “Love Trumps Hate” signs and shouts from those who silenced differing opinions. It was the disconnected Hollywood elites informing the everyday American,that Trump did not have their best interest at heart, before retreating to their multimillion dollar mansions. It was the media’s need to constantly “inform” the audience that Trump was leading largely amongst the white population with no college education. It was almost as if Trump’s potential victory deserved less legitimacy due to this.

This is the reason it was a silent majority. This is the reason there were so many “Closet Trump Supporters” who showed up on November 8, quietly filling in their Trump ballot before going on with the rest of their day. It was to protect themselves from the unfair treatment open Trump supporters are subjected to on a daily basis, treatment that was caused by a fundamentally dishonest media, and the lefts self imploding divisive rhetoric.

Trump supporters knew this. They knew what Trump stood for and that the “Trump’s a racist” narrative was simply drawn up by the left and mainstream media because it was all they had. They were simply endorsing the idea of a law and order America. They wanted a protector, someone who would finally take on the establishment and end the seemingly never ending amounts of corruption in Washington D.C. They knew Trump was being attacked by the media because he was the only person in politics with the gumption to “Drain the Swamp”, and it terrified them.

They saw a leader and a unifier-someone who would bring a no nonsense approach back to the White House. They saw a family man, a fair man, someone far different from the bigot the media portrayed him as. They saw a fighter, a determined winner, a man who held multiple rally’s daily at the age of 70.

Trump always had the American peoples best interest at heart. He was an imperfect politician, and that was part of his appeal. He appeared human, in a field of distant, unrelatble elitists. He told it like it was, when others hid behind political correctness to serve their own agendas and appease their special interests. He gave up a very happy and profitable lifestyle, to serve a thankless and payless (his choice) position.

Nearly 62 million Americans felt this way.

Donald Trump won the election with a total of 306 electoral votes. He won 49 of the 50 total states by 2.2 million votes. Trump was doubted, his surrogates mocked, his supporters chastised-but they continued to fight and remain resolute- because they knew their truth.

Since Trump won the election, there have been multiple anti Trump protests taking place throughout the country, many of whom didn’t even bother participating in our American democracy. Businesses in Oakland have been damaged, property in Portland has been ruined, and protestors are as hostile as they’ve ever been. High school students have been attacked for supporting Trump, a middle aged man was beaten senselessly at a traffic stop because his attackers assumed he was a Trump supporter, and thousands of those upset with the election results have been calling for the death of Trump.

Trump Presidency is the result of a dishonest media, a regressive left, a divisive current President, a self serving establishment, a corrupt Hillary Clinton and Democratic party, a politically correct culture gone too far, a tireless worker, a marketing genius, and the voice of the forgotten.

Recently, President Elect Donald Trump asked that the violence immediately stop, while the current leader of the nation remained silent.

This is why Donald Trump won the election.

Stephen M. Scott
Creator of and writer/editor for CTN Politics. Political Writer with a focus on foreign policy, media bias, Hillary Clinton and the Donald Trump phenomenon. Follow on Twitter at @Trump_Row
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    Blocked on Twitter for pointing out opinion is spin. In addition to the painfully cliche and boring writing style, not sure this guy’s the intellectual giant he clearly think he is…