Misinformed Resistence


In less than 24 hours President Elect Donald J. Trump will be officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. 

Just shy of 1 million Americans are expected to attend, a number that is a far cry from the 1.8 million that attended Barack Obamas initial inauguration in 2009. However, for what it will lack in total attendees it will undoubtedly make up for in chaos and intrigue. 

Among those expected to witness the historic moment will be the two political family dynasties Mr. Trump knocked out on his way to his unprecedented run to the White House. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton will be in attendance along with George W. Bush and wife Laura. The man exiting the White House will be there as well to greet the man replacing him.

The rest of the audience will be made up of the loyal Trump supporters who’ve had to endure being labeled a racist, bigot, sexist, xenophobe for the past 365 days,  while those hurling the accusations know nothing about their character. For these people- all of these unfair attacks were well worth it-This was the moment they had hoped for. 

There will also be a section of people  there simply to make noise, as they’ve deemed this election to be “unfair”. Of course protesting is fully protected by our constitutional rights, and voicing ones displeasure with the President elect is not uncommon. These people however, will be there to resist the process. 

These are the people that preach about tolerance and inclusion, until you speak of something they disagree with themselves. These are the people that label anyone with different thoughts, well reasoned or not, as bigots, while lacking a fundamental understanding of the word bigotry. These are the people that speak of progressive values, while taking part in actions that are regressive in nature. 

What is resistance? 

Is resistance calling the man 61 million Americans proudly voted for “illegitimate”-only to then play the Civil Rights card to shield oneself from warranted criticism? 

John Lewis is a civil rights hero. Lewis also has a tendency to hold grudges. He questioned the legitimacy of Bernie Sanders civil rights work before questioned the legitimacy of Trumps Presidency. Lewis also lied about the upcoming inauguration being the first one he would not be attending since working in congress, as he skipped out on George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2000 as well. 

Lewis did what he always does, he took a shot and Trump fired back. Lewis has been working in congress for 30 years, yet his district is still a work in progress. In Lewis 5th District in GA, the unemployment rate is nearly twice as high as the national average of 4.2 pct, and over 16 pct of families are in poverty compared to the national average of 11 pct. Lewis is an “all talk no action” politician in every sense of the meaning. 

Lewis has created a platform where we’re allowed to criticize others and take no responsibility for our own actions. It’s quite literally what the Democratic Party has become. 

Is resistance blaming Russia, Trump, James Comey, literally any and everything other than your own party’s failures for its shortcomings? 

According to Lewis we are to view Trump as “illegitimate” based on the grounds Russia interfered with the election. Ask any liberal if there is even a shred of evidence the apparent Russia hacking influenced the outcome of the election and all you’ll hear is stuttering and nonsensical rhetoric about the CIA.

The CIA has specifically stated no hacking took place on Election Day. Their only claim (with no actual evidence) is that the Russians hacked the DNC emails-but the content within the emails was written by the Democratic Party-content that was very damning. 

Lewis and the Democratic Party have paved a pathway that ensures no self reflection, blame, or acceptance of reality-only resistance which makes progress near impossible. 

Is resistance standing outside of Mike Pence’s house singing for LGBT rights while not acknowledging the alternative option for President accepted millions of dollars from countries that behead gays, and would have gladly accepted Muslim refugees that strongly disagree with your lifestyle?

Is resistance threatening and bullying  every performer that agrees to perform at the inauguration into submission before being forced to tweet out an apology for even considering such an act of “betrayal”? 

Is resistance disowning Kanye West and Steve Harvey for meeting with Mr. Trump while refusing to acknowledge the black on black crime epidemic in West’s hometown of Chicago? Is it calling all African Americans meeting with Trump “mediocre negroes”?  African Americans who have noticed the ten poorest cities in America have been under Democratic leadership for the past 30+ years, and the percentage of African Americans in poverty have gone up while their median incomes have gone down under Obamas leadership? African Americans who want to help make this a better country. 

Is resistance painting Jeff Sessions as a racist for political purposes, while acknowledging having enjoyed working with him on civil rights issues just the year before?

Is resistance protesting Trumps health care replacement, before even understanding all of its details? Is it  pretending we weren’t lied to about Obamacare while overlooking all of its massive shortcomings? 

Progress is about bridge building and about finding common ground , it is not about misinformed resistance and self destruction.

The liberal party is supposed to be the party of compassion, tolerance, the party of progress. Instead, the protestors resisting Trump are following the actions of their own, actions that deflect and refuse to take responsibility for their situation.

It’s easier to blame Russia for the election defeat evidence notwithstanding, or call Steve Harvey a coon for thinking differently and wanting to be apart of the solution, or attack Trump for fighting back and telling the truth about their Civil Rights Hero, than it is to accept reality. 

Peaceful protesting is fully supported by the constitution, as voicing ones differences is imperative to a healthy democracy. Protesting based on misinformation and refusal to be reasonable and find middle ground is counterproductive, and intentionally so.

While Mr. Trump is being sworn in as our 45th President of the United States of America, there will be protestors making noise, and just that-noise. They will be ultimately overshadowed by Mr. Trump and his supporters. If they continue their misinformed resistance sculpted by their own leaders refusal to self reflect there’s a very strong chance Mr. Trump will be in the same position four years from now.

Stephen M. Scott
Creator of and writer/editor for CTN Politics. Political Writer with a focus on foreign policy, media bias, Hillary Clinton and the Donald Trump phenomenon. Follow on Twitter at @Trump_Row
  • Allen Richardson

    Great article! Democrats need to accept some responsibility but they can’t possibly fathom the thought of their policies not only being rejected but that they were defeated by a man like Donald Trump. The man who is the epitome of everything they hate about America. Success and blunt.